Who We Are

Who We Are

Palm Springs, California Section 14

The story of Section 14 is akin to the Tulsa, Oklahoma and Rosewood, Florida race massacres, the Bruce’s Beach atrocity, and countless events where families had their lives upended and their very existence threatened for no reason other than the color of their skin.

It is the story of an ultra-wealthy enclave erected over a painful, hidden history:

Families relegated to a one-mile-square neighborhood because of racist restrictive covenants, who then built a thriving community, only to have it torn from them in a shocking, coordinated effort to burn their homes and belongings and unlawfully seize their property.

The perpetrator? The City of Palm Springs itself.

No form of compensation will wash away the sins of oppression and theft entwined with this history of racial discrimination, restrictive covenants, and the endemic racialized trauma that is a very intentional consequence of those practices.

But acknowledging the harm and restitution are the very least we can do to begin to right the wrongs.

The Palm Springs Section 14 Survivors website exists to share the stories of the African American and Hispanic residents of Palm Springs, CA who were harmed by the city's destruction of their homes and community in the 1960's.

The survivors are currently seeking in-kind sponsorship and donations to help with the legal and business expenses associated with their cause. Any contribution, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

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“Every survivor out there has a story…
“We will hear your story, your story will be told.”

Norbert McDaniel, Survivor, Section 14 shares his thoughts